Parks Amenities Matching Fund

Apply for the Parks Amenities Matching Fund 

The Parks Amenities Matching Fund allows individuals or groups to request grants to match funding for projects to improve Milwaukee County parks and park facilities. The goal is to assist partners in improving county parks by matching their funds. This matching grant fund program was originally established in 1994 to help attract additional resources to help fund much needed parks maintenance and repairs.

Applications for grant funds will be accepted at any time. Funding comes from the annual Adopted Budget as approved by the County Board of Supervisors and the County Executive. Projects must take place in a Milwaukee County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Culture (DPRC) park or facility. 

PAMF Application 

To apply for a Parks Amenities Matching Fund, complete the grant application on the Milwaukee County Parks website and return it via email to or by mailing a physical copy to the address above. A confirmation will be sent within five business days after the PAMF application has been received.

PAMF Grant Application Calendar

PAMF Application Period One
March 10: Application period closes
April: County Parks, Energy, & Environment Committee to consider applications
April County Board Meeting to consider applications

PAMF Application Period Two
August 10: Application period closes
September: County Parks, Energy, & Environment Committee to consider applications
September: County Board Meeting to consider applications 

All dates may be subject to change PAMF Guidelines 

  • Applications and instructions for applying for a PAMF can be found on Milwaukee County Parks’ website 
  • Proposals will be accepted anytime and considered in the subsequent review period 
  • Applications for completed projects are not eligible for PAMF awards 
  • Applicants will be sent a confirmation within five business days after the PAMF application has been received 
  • Proposed projects may be considered for any dollar amount, however there are limited available resources in the Parks Amenities Matching Fund. The County shall provide matching funds up to a dollar-for-dollar match 
  • We will be in contact regarding the determination of the PAMF funding following each period’s County Board meeting 
  • PAMF funds will be made available after confirmation of third party matching funds have been made available to DPRC 
  • Grant recipients are required to submit proof final project costs (invoice, quotes, or any other applicable document) and return to the County any funding that exceeds what the recipient was able to match
  • If current year funding is exhausted, application will be held on a waiting list 

If you have any questions about PAMF grants or timeline, please contact Milwaukee County Parks’ Development Officer, Jay Burseth: 414-257-8043 or 

PAMF projects will be reviewed using the following criteria:


  • Proposed park improvement will be consistent with the DPRC Master and Strategic Plans 
  • Proposed park improvement will be available to the general public and have a significant user base 
  • Proposed park improvement will maintain or enhance core services Proposed park improvement will visually, culturally, and/or historically improve the image and quality of the parks system 
  • Proposed park improvement will deliver return on investment (must be included in operating expenses & revenue, capital costs, long-term maintenance, and replacement expenses), budgetary savings, and potential for increased revenue for the County 
  • Proposed park improvement will improve the facility with regards to public health, welfare, and safety 
  • Proposed park improvement leverage Federal, State, local, grant, or private funding Proposed park improvement will support and/or improve best management & maintenance practices 
  • Proposed park improvement will improve efficiencies in staffing, maintenance, or utilities or reduces future capital burden 
  • Proposed park improvement will lessen impact on the natural environment and/or supports resource conservation