How can I rent an athletic field?

Athletic Field Practice Permit

Practice permits are issued by the individual parks (weekends ONLY) and the Organized Sports office (weekdays).  IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT PRACTICE PERMITS BE OBTAINED TO ENSURE ACCESS AND AVAILABILITY OF FIELDS. Permits can be obtained within a seven (7) day rolling schedule of desired date within the season of April 1st-October 31st (weather permitting).Please call the Organized Sports office (414) 257-8030 to reserve your field today!

2017 Practice Permit Fees

PRACTICE PERMITS- Practice Permits can be obtained within a seven (7) day rolling schedule. No practice permit will be issued prior to any games scheduled. Practices on lighted fields are subject to field availability and staffing. Practices secured are guaranteed bases and primary use of field during specified hours listed on permit. 

Adult/Youth Daylight Field $12/hr
Adult/Youth Lighted Field $30/hr

NO PRACTICES are allowed on the Primary Baseball Diamonds (Harden, Simmons, Kuenn, Zirkel, Aaron)

Single Game/Tournament Permit

If you are interesting in reserving athletic fields for your leagues and single games, please fill out the application below and submit via email.  

            League & Single Game Application Packet    (PDF Fillable File)   

 Tournament & Clinic Application Packet        (PDF Fillable File)

SPECIAL EVENT PERMITS: A Special Event Permit is required for ALL outdoor races, walk/runs, public meetings/events, events with amplified sound/speaker system, downtown park space or similar events on parks property that are not designated as athletic fields or picnic areas. For more information, please contact the Special Event Office at (414) 257-4503 or visit our website at

CLEAN-UP: All groups using the Milwaukee County Parks facilities are expected to leave the area(s) in the same condition in which it was found. Groups who fail to clean area could be charged for excessive clean up. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to make sure these areas are cleaned up. All responsibility will fall on the named permit holder

PARKING: Park patrons must use parking lots or designated street parking. There is absolutely NO PARKING allowed at field sites or areas designated “NO PARKING.” There is absolutely no vehicle allowed on park walkways or grass for any reason. Vehicles will be reported to the Milwaukee Sheriff’s Department and/or the proper local authorities and are subject to be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.