How can I rent an athletic field?

Over 350 Athletic Facilities Available to Rent

Whatever your sport, we have a space for you! More than 350 athletic facilities are available for a variety of uses including lacrosse, rugby, tennis, baseball, softball, soccer, football, ultimate frisbee, kickball and more. Many of our sports facilities are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Returning leagues and various local schools have first priority to reserve facilities. Some specified field/park locations might have use agreements in place and might not be available during peak season times.

Athletic field permits are available for practices, single games, leagues, clinics or tournaments. Most facilities are available from April 1 - Oct. 31 each year (weather permitting).

  • Softball/Baseball
  • Soccer/Multi-use Fields
  • Basketball/Volleyball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Disc Golf

Primary Baseball & Softball Fields

These fields are classified as ball fields and include:

  • Lights
  • Outfield Fence
  • Scoreboard
  • Dugouts
  • PA Booth

All primary fields are available for single games, leagues and tournament play only. Bases, mound, foul lines and batter's box are included in rental fee. All primary softball fields have adjustable base lengths of 60', 65' and 70' as well as desired mound distances.

Primary Baseball Fields

  • Henry Aaron Field (Lincoln Park)
  • Joe Harden Field (Zablocki Park)
  • Harvey Kuenn Field (Rainbow Park)
  • Al Simmons Field (KK Sports Center)
  • Fred Zirkel Field (McCarty Park)  

Primary Softball Fields

  • West Milwaukee Park - Softball Fields #1 & #2
  • Wilson Recreation Center -  Stadium Field & Softball Field #1
  • Zablocki Park - Softball Field

Standard Baseball & Softball Fields

These fields are classified as standard fields that include a backstop, bleachers and players benches. All standard fields are available for any type of play. Some standard softball fields have adjustable base lengths of 60', 65' and 70' as well as adjustable mound distances.

  • Beckum Park - (3) Little League                        
  • Brown Deer Park - (3) Softball
  • Carver Park - (1) Lighted 90' Baseball / Softball
  • Cooper Park - (2) Softball
  • Columbus Park - (3) Little League
  • Dineen Park - (1) 90' Baseball
  • Estabrook Park - (1) Softball
  • Froemming Park - (1) 90' Baseball / Softball
  • Greenfield Park - (1) 90' Baseball
  • Greene Park - (1) 90' Baseball / Softball
  • Hales Corners Park - (1) 90' Baseball / Softball
  • Humboldt Park - (1) 90' Baseball
  • Kern Park (1) Softball
  • KK Sports Center - (2) Lighted Softball
  • Kletzsch Park - (4) Softball
  • Kops Park - (2) Softball
  • LaFollete Park - (3) Softball
  • Lake Park - (1) Softball
  • Madison Park - (1) 90' Baseball / (3) Softball
  • McCarty Park - (3) Softball
  • McGovern Park - (1) Lighted Softball
  • Meaux Park - (1) Softball
  • Pulaski-Cudahy Park - (2) Softball
  • Rainbow Park - (1) Softball
  • Rose park - (1) Lighted Softball
  • Schoenecker Park - (1) 90' Baseball / (3) Softball
  • Sheridan Park - (1) 90' Baseball / Lighted Softball
  • West Milwaukee Park - (2) Softball
  • Wilson Park - (1) 90' Lighted Baseball / (3) Little League
  • Wilson Recreation Center - (1) Softball
  • Wisconsin Ave Park - (1) 90' Baseball / (2) Softball 

Practice Permits

Practice permits can be secured for your sports team and will ensure access to specific fields or courts throughout our parks system. Specific locations can be reserved seven days or less in advance of your preferred date. Same-day requests are not accepted. Multiple permits can be issued per day for specific fields. Please call the Organized Sports Office at (414) 257-8030 to reserve your practice.

Permit Fees

Standard Baseball Fields: $20/hour (Includes bases)
Standard Softball Fields: $15/hour (Includes preferred base distance)

League Permits

League permits are for groups and organizations looking to coordinate an organized league using Milwaukee County Parks athletic facilities. League play must be modeled after Milwaukee County Parks programmed adult sports leagues. All league permits can qualify for a reduced hourly rate based on number of games requested. For more details, contact our Sports Office at (414) 257-8030. An athletic permit application must be turned in at least  30 days in advance and will have additional permit requirements. Returning leagues will have renewal rights for a specific period of time before fields are released for new leagues or single game use.

permitAthletic Permit Application

Single Game Permits

Single game permits are based on a hourly usage per field with applied extra fees if desired. All single game reservations have a minimum rental time of two hours. Any locked gates on primary baseball fields will be opened at the start of your requested rental time. A minimum of seven business days notice is required for game use. Permits are not issued to more than one customer per day on a specific field.

Permit Fees

Henry Aaron Baseball Field: $90/hour (Artificial Turf infield/Natural Grass outfield)
Primary Baseball Fields: $50/hour (Includes bases, foul lines, batter’s box)
Standard Baseball Fields: $35/hour (Includes bases, foul lines, batter’s box)
Primary Softball Fields: $40/hour (Includes bases, mound, foul lines, pitcher’s circle, batter’s box)
Standard Softball Fields: $30/hour (Includes bases, mound, foul lines)


Athletic Permit Application

Tournament & Event Permits

Groups and organizations looking to host tournaments/events using Milwaukee County Parks athletic facilities must submit an application to the sports office. A tournament is defined as an athletic or sports competition that meets the criteria listed. End of league or season tournaments may be considered a tournament, for permitting purposes, and not a continuation of league play.A tournament includes:
  • Athletic or sports competition 
  • Bracketed or pool play (or other typical tournament format) designed to determine a winner(s)
  • Open to the general public to participate/spectate
  • Collection of fees prior to and/or day of event for participants and/or spectators
  • Requires exclusive use of athletic fields/complexes
  • Event infrastructure that includes tents, tables, chairs, goods and services vending, food and beverage sales/service, vendors or sponsors

The sports office will make the final determination as to the classification of the activity. Tournaments are classified as “Athletic” permits. Tournament permits must be secured  following the established athletic permit schedule, per season. Tournament fees will apply.   

Applications must be turned in at least 30 days in advance and will have additional permit requirements.

permitAthletic Permit Application

Extra Amenity Fees

Pitching Circle Lining Fee for standard softball fields:    $5
Batter’s Box Lining Fee for standard softball fields: $10
Scoreboard Fee: $15/game or $50/day
Lighting Fee: Spring/Fall session- $35/game   Summer session- $25/game
Initial Soccer/Multi-purpose Field Lining Fee:   $125/field created

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