Where can I mountain bike?


Please exercise caution on the trails—especially after heavy rainfall.
The Metro Mountain Bikers provide trail-condition updates via their website and twitter. Visit metromountainbikers.com

Milwaukee County now boasts four mountain-bike trails!

  • Kegel Alpha Mountain Bike Trail
    Trailhead: 6740 S. 92 St. Whitnall Park's Winter Sports Area
    If you're driving to the trail, park at the Whitnall Golf Course, 6751 S. 92 St, and ride your bike to the trailhead.
    Difficulty: Both easy and challenging loops  
    Length: 3 miles, mostly single track ,  
    The single-track narrow trail, begins at the Winter Sports Area of Whitnall Park and heads eastward in the Root River Parkway. The trail has only a few steep or rocky segments to accommodate beginners. 

    Designed in partnership with International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and Trail Care Specialist Service
  • Hoyt Mountain Bike Trail
    Trailhead: 1800 Swan Blvd., near the parking lot
    Difficulty: Both easy and more challenging sections
    Length: 2.5 miles, mostly single track
    The Hoyt Trail is designed for novice riders; however, there are points to the trail that provide a definite challenge. Winding along the Menomonee River, this scenic trail is primarily single track, marked one way for mountain bikers and the other way for pedestrians.

    Funded in part by an REI grant administered by the Park People. The Metro Mountain Bikers, the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, and the Parks Dept. were all instrumental in developing the trail.
  • Oak Hill Mountain Bike Trail
    4000 N. Menomonee River Parkway, Wauwatosa (just north of Capitol Drive & Menomonee River Parkway)
    Difficulty: Both easy and challenging loops, moderately technical, fairly flat
    Length: 4.6 miles, mostly single track
    Along the west side of the Menomonee River, the trail features flowing sections, tight and twisty climbs, boardwalk bridges, and even a couple of water crossings.
  • Bubbas Woods Mountain Bike Trail 
    Trailhead: West Burleigh Street, east of the Menomonee River Parkway
    Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate, fairly flat
    Length: 1.5 miles, single-track 
    A tight winding track with some intermediate obstacles. If the obstacles are too challenging to bike, you can easily walk them. Because the trail has minimal changes in elevation, it may stay wet—and therefore closed—for longer than expected.

When using the trails, please follow the basic rules of etiquette and safety.

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