Where can I fish in the parks?

Fishing is allowed at most park lagoons, and  lagoons are stocked with fish from the Hunger Task Force Farm Fish Hatchery and the Department of Natural Resources. Rainbow trout and 6- to 11-inch yellow perch are among the fish stocked. Bag limits are posted at the lagoons.

Parks offering fishing include:

 Park  Address   Stocked?  Deck/Amenities  Notes
Brown Deer  7835 N. Green Bay Rd.  deck
Dineen  6901 W. Vienna St.  deck
Estabrook  4400 N. Estabrook Dr.
Grant   See Oak Creek Pkwy listing
Greenfield  2028 S. 124 St.
Holler  5151 S. 6 St.     
Humboldt  3000 S. Howell Ave.
Kletzsch  6560 N. Milwaukee River Pkwy.  Chinook Salmon are stocked in Lake Michigan. They migrate along the Milwaukee River Pkwy
Kosciuszko  712 W. Becher St.
McCarty  8214 W. Cleveland Ave.
McGovern  5400 N. 51 St.  deck
McKinley  1750 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr.   break wall pier
 fish cleaning station
 Lake Michigan is stocked
Milwaukee River Pkwy  north of Hampton Ave.  pier   Chinook Salmon are stocked in Lake Michigan. They migrate along the Milwaukee River Pkwy
Mitchell Park  524 S. Layton Blvd.
Oak Creek Pkwy  E. Hawthorne Ave.,
 between 6th & 10th Ave.
Saveland  3700 S. 2 St.
Scout Lake  5902 W. Loomis Rd.   pier 
Sheridan  4800 S. Lake Dr.  ramp
South Shore  2900 S. Shore Dr.  fish cleaning station  Lake Michigan is stocked
Veterans  1010 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr.   promenade
 (along sea wall)
 "Juneau Park Lagoon" which is located in Veterans Park is stocked
Washington  1859 N. 40 St.  deck
Wilson  1601 W. Howard Ave.

Fishing Licenses 

All anglers will need a fishing license and inland trout stamp –  except persons under 16, Wisconsin residents born before Jan. 1, 1927, and active-duty military on furlough or leave who are Wisconsin residents. The Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources determines fishing regulations

Fishing Licenses are available in the Milwaukee County Clerk's Office

For stocking information, call the DNR Urban Fisheries Hotline at (414) 263-8494.

Note: Boats are not permitted on lagoons without the written permission of the Parks Division.

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