Canoeing & Kayaking locations

Milwaukee Urban Water Trail

Paddle your way to relaxation – or attack the waters for an invigorating workout!

The Park System allows you to portage (carry) your non-motorized watercraft across park land and to launch into the rivers controlled by the Department.

Designated Access Sites

  • Kletzsch Park Sluiceway – site near picnic area #5
  • Kletzsch Park Falls – upstream site, just north of Mill Road
  • Kletzsch Park Falls – downstream site, just south of Mill Road
  • Lincoln Park Fishing Pier - East Bank of the river, north of Hampton
  • Estabrook Dam - upstream of the "shark's teeth"
  • Estabrook Dam - downstream site at natural beach
  • Estabrook Dam - portage trail
  • Riverside Park - East Bank access near the Urban Ecology Center
  • Pere Marquette Park - West Bank access
  • River Front Boat Launch - site at South Water and Bruce Street
    Because this site has Launch Ramps, there is a charge to launch motorized as well as non-motorized watercraft. For details see the Boat Launch Sites.

Access Sites listed above along with non-Milwaukee County Parks access sites are illustrated on the Milwaukee Urban Water Trail map, available at the Milwaukee Riverkeeper Website.


  • You must not trailer your watercraft across parkland, because this causes damage to the surrounding environment.
  • You must not put your craft into a lagoon. Watercraft are not allowed on lagoons without the written permission of the Department.
  • You must not land upon the shores of a golf course.

For your safety . . .

  • Know your ability.
  • Be aware that water/weather conditions can change rapidly.
  • Let someone know your plan (when you will leave, your route, when you expect to return).
  • Know about hypothermia and wear appropriate clothing to insulate your body, such as a wet or dry suit. This is especially important for kayakers.
  • Have the proper safety equipment, including a personal flotation device, hand-held pump, flares, reflective tape, and a sound-producing device such as a whistle or air horn.
  • For general conditions, call the Port of Milwaukee at (414) 286-3610.
  • Use common sense!

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