How to report an issue

There are several ways to report a problem in a park, or on a trail.

Please call the Milwaukee County Park Rangers whenever you see anything illegal or dangerous happening in the parks.  This can include foraging, unofficial trail building, mountain biking on hiking trails, public nudity, illegal dumping, etc.

  • Park Ranger number is 414-257-7777.  This is a central voicemail that is reviewed quickly and responded to as staffing allows. Response time depends on what other issues may be going on at the time.
  • If you want to report a Parks issue that is not time-sensitive (ie potholes, tree down over trail, broken playground equipment, sign down, etc) please use the online issue reporter: Milwaukee County Issue Reporter.
  • Call the DNR for water quality, poaching and fishing concerns. Call or text 1-800-TIP-WDNR  (1-800-847-9367) or submit report ONLINE.

You can also find the Issue Report on our website, Click on the Contact tab, and in the drop down menu, select Issue Report. 

Issues Reporter

The Issues Reporter allows you to place the exact location of a problem on a map. After reporting an issue you'll be able to view the status of that issue on the map.

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