Lindsay Park Playground Replacement

Updated May 3, 2021

Project Summary 

The Lindsay Park playground is set to be replaced in 2021. The current playground was installed in 1999 and is one of the oldest playgrounds in the parks system. The new playground system will include ADA accessible features and surfacing will be upgraded to a mixture of "pour-in-place" surfacing (soft, rubberized surface) and wood fiber. This is a safer and cleaner play option compared to sand.

Current Site Conditions

- Forthcoming - 


  • Total budget is $278,737 (Approved in the 2021 Milwaukee County Capital Budget). 
  • Budget includes design, removal of current playground, installation of new playground, and corresponding site improvements such as new benches.


  • Design will take place in early summer. Stay tuned for a "playground pop-up" to see designs and give feedback (date TBD). 
  • Construction is expected to take place in summer 2021. The playground will be closed during construction. Exact construction timeline is currently unknown. 
  • Note: timelines subject to change.

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