Kinnickinnic River Parkway - Jackson Park Drive

Updated 4/12/2021 - This project is currently in design. 

Project Site Map 

The Kinnickinnic River Parkway – Jackson Park Drive is a looped segment of roadway that begins approximately 450' North of W. Cleveland Avenue and heads eastbound to W. Cleveland Avenue (at 47th Street). This section of roadway is 0.75 miles in length, and is fronted by numerous residential properties. It also serves as a defacto collector street for the adjacent neighborhood. The pavement is in poor condition and has a pavement rating of 33/100. The pavement is cracked and heaved in many locations and portions of the curb are also broken along the roadway. 

The scope of work includes planning and design for the reconstruction of Jackson Park Drive, including design to accommodate bicycle use. This will include new asphalt, new curb and gutter, and replacement of other infrastructure, such as storm sewers, as required. Storm water best management practices, green infrastructure, natural areas restoration and management shall be incorporated where applicable. 
The project is part of a multi-phase project to reconstruct seven segments of the Kinnickinnic River Parkway. 
Project Budget

Project Timeline 

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