Old Loomis Road Reconstruction

Updated 4/12/2021 - This project is currently in the design phase. 

Project Site Map

This 0.4 mile section of Old Loomis Road, located between S. 76th Street and Hollow Lane, falls within both the City of Franklin and the Village of Greendale. The pavement is in poor condition and has a pavement rating of 20/100. Potholes have been continuously patched, and the roadway continues to deteriorate. The project will result in roadway reconstruction and will include integrated vegetation management to ensure proper visual clearance for the adjacent pathways. New driveway approaches, turf restoration and some tree clearing are also included, and storm water best management practices, green infrastructure, natural areas restoration and management will be incorporated where possible.

This section of road also serves as a segment of the Oak Leaf Trail.
Project Budget
  • Design for this project was approved in the 2021 Milwaukee County Capital Budget.
  • Design phase budget: $170,000
  • Estimated construction budget: $930,000
    • Up to $540,000 awarded from the State of Wisconsin-County Highway Improvement Discretionary Program 
    • Remaining $390,000 will come from Milwaukee County 

Project Timeline

  • Timeline forthcoming

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