Underwood Creek Parkway Improvements

Updated September 20, 2021

Project Summary 

The segment of Underwood Creek Parkway between Bluemound Road and 119th Street is in poor condition (rated 26/100). The roadway has been annually patched for approximately 10 years, and it deteriorates further with each freeze-thaw cycle. The pavement is cracked and heaved in several locations, and is a hazard for both vehicles and for bicycles that use this stretch of road as a mapped section of the Oak Leaf Trail. Some areas of the parkway have broken curb, while others have no curb at all due to deterioration. 

Once complete, the project will include replacement of the 0.41 mile stretch of parkway with 4" of asphalt pavement. The project will use a combination of new concrete curb and gutter along with new "at-grade" curbing to improve storm water drainage from the roadway. Lighting in this stretch will also be upgraded in accordance with Parks standards, including new LED fixtures, and other utilities may be replaced under the new pavement as needed.

The project was approved in Milwaukee County's 2021 Capital Budget.

New Parkway Condition

Past Parkway Conditions

Project Location 
The project will reconstruct 0.41 miles of the Underwood Creek Parkway from W. Bluemound Road to N. 119th Street. 


  • Design: $133,859
  • Construction: $1,623,596


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