South Shore Boat Launch

Oct 25th 2021

South Shore Boat Launch taken out of the water. 

South Shore Boat Launch 2021 - To Be Determined 

The launch was closed last season due to the extremely high-water conditions.  Our ramps were under water for most of the boating season.  When we get closer to a Spring season, we shall see where the water level is at, and if we would be able to place our ramps into the water.  

No Launch Piers at South Shore for 2020 Season

Launch piers will not be installed at South Shore due to the high water in Lake Michigan and the degraded seawall in the South Shore basin, a result of the January storm. Together, these events leave no protection to prevent the launch piers from breaking loose in a storm. Launching at South Shore without piers in place is at the boat owner's own risk. Instead, use launch sites with piers at McKinley, Riverfront and Bender.

We have cleared the ramp a few times this season to allow for a "launch at your own risk." The challenge with South Shore, as it has been for the last 2 years, the high water levels make for a daily launch ramp clean up for the site to remain open.  This year, with no seasonal help due to COVID, and the damage that occurred to the launch site, as well as the high water level which keeps the piers under water, we decided to keep the site closed.  The loader that was kept at the launch site was relocated to a different unit.  We will try to give it a good scape when time and workload permit, but a change in wind direction, or a stormy day will make it look like we have never maintained the site.

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