Oak Leaf Trail - Zip Line

Last Updated: November 12,2021

Oak Leaf Trail-Zip Line Sink Hole

Check out the latest updates from of the Oak Leaf Trail- Zip line sink hole progress. More information about this Capital Project may be found below. If you would like to learn about more projects like these, be sure to visit our Capital Projects tracker for Milwaukee County Parks projects near you. 

A section of the Oak Leaf Trail's Zip Line between Silver Spring and Bender Road is now closed for the foreseeable future, due to a growing sink hole. Users should follow the on-street detour shown below. This sink hole is caused by a collapsing stone culvert, built over 100 years ago, beneath the trail. This sink hole is dangerous and is now barricaded for the safety of all trail users, so please stay away. Milwaukee County Parks is focusing on maintaining safety, and recently funding has been secured to pursue repairs to the culvert and the trail. 

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