What is the history of the Kletzsch Park dam and what repairs are required?

The Kletzsch dam was built for recreational purposes in 1934. It replaced a timber crib dam that was constructed in 1848 and destroyed by a flood in 1924. Documentation from when the dam was constructed states that “…a fish ladder was built into the face of the dam at one point.” Other documentation says that “no special fishway was provided... submerging of the dam will offer some facilities for fish migration.”  The referenced fish ladder, if it exists, was never a functioning fish passage for native fish species. 

The dam was last inspected in 2013, during which time dam deficiencies were identified and repairs were ordered by the WDNR. These repairs will be located at the dam abutment area on the east bank of the river and include: the removal of woody vegetation within a 20’ radius of the abutment, repairs to deteriorated stone façade material, removal of sediment blocking the in-dam bypass structure, and re-establishment of the bypass structure’s function. The bypass structure consists of two conduits closed by timber planks, and it enables inspection and repairs to the dam. 

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