Can I canoe or kayak in the park lagoons or small lakes

The only lagoon that is routinely tested for bacteria is the Veterans Park Lagoon.

All other lagoons are under the following Milwaukee County Ordinance:

There is no canoeing or kayaking in the ponds, lagoons, or lakes per Milwaukee County Ordinance:

47.13. - Boating regulations.                                             

No person shall, without written permission of the department of parks, recreation and culture, place upon the lagoons, rivers or any of the waters under the control of the department, any float, boat or other watercraft, nor land or go upon any of the islands of the lagoons or rivers, nor land or touch with a boat upon any part of the shores not designated as a landing place. Non-motorized and non-trailered floats, boats, or other watercraft may be used on rivers controlled by the parks department without written approval of the park director.

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