When is Slice of Ice outdoor skating open?

Opening Day for the 2021/2022 season: 


Fees 2021/2022

Rentals are available during rink open hours.
Mid-season, rental hours will be shortened on Mondays-Thursdays to 2 p.m.-8 p.m., but on Fridays and weekends, rental hours will remain available during all open rink hours.
Skate Rental: sizes range from toddler size 8, to women's size 11 and men's size 14
Age 18 & Up:  $9/pair (includes tax)
Age 17 & Under:  $7/pair (includes tax)Polar Pal Skate Aid Image

Polar Pals Rental: Sponsored by WaterStone Bank
Skating aids for children:  $1/pal (includes tax)
Use requires a $5 refundable deposit or a photo I.D. from a guardian

Accessible Ice Sleds Available FREE  Sledge Rental: FREE upon request-- limited supply! Reserve at least 24 hours in advance by calling 414-289-8791
Skate Rental for Companion Who Transfers Person with Disability to Sledge: See rates above

Skate Sharpening
Bring your skates to us for a competitive edge.
$6/pair  (includes tax)

Park Setting
Milwaukee County's Red Arrow Park, in downtown Milwaukee, was redesigned in 1999 with private and public funding and is now home to  Slice of Ice. The park was named to honor the 32nd Red Arrow Division of the US Army. A red granite sculpture depicting the insignia of this division stands in the park today.

Outdoor Refrigerated Rink
Comfortably accommodating 100 skaters at a time, the 128-by-95 refrigerated oval is open from December through February—or March if the weather allows! The rink is bordered by a 3-foot-6-inch railing, so even if you're a skater with weak ankles, you can come out to enjoy the ice!

Sledges, or ice-sleds, make skating accessible at Slice of Ice in Red Arrow Park

Accessible Ice Sleds Available FREE  Everyone Can Skate!
Through the partnership of  Ramp Up MKE and the Milwaukee County Parks, sledges, or ice sleds, are now available! Sledges offer people with mobility disabilities the opportunity to skate. Use of a sledge is FREE upon request. Because the sledges are currently stored off-site, you must reserve a sledge at least 24 hours in advance by calling 414-289-8791. Your companions may bring their own skates and skate for FREE or rent skates.

In the Warming House. . .
Through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the warming house or from the rooftop overlook, you'll have a great view of all that's happening on the ice.

  • restroom facilities
  • ice skate rentals
  • lockers (limited availability)
  • Starbucks, selling coffee and bakery
  • Soda, beer, candy, and snacks at the Skate window

Map of Nearby Parking
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