Where can I play tennis in the parks?

Play for exercise. Play for competition. Play for the love of the game!  To make individual reservations for courts, please call the Organized Sports Office at (414) 257-8030.  Courts that are not already permitted may be used by the public on a first come first serve basis, free of charge.  See list below for court locations.

Dineen 6901 W Vienna Street 4 Daylight Courts
Grant 100 E Hawthorne Ave 6 Daylight Courts
Greene 4235 S Lipton Ave 3 Daylight Courts
Humboldt 3000 S Howell Ave 4 Lit Courts
Jackson 3500 W Forest Home Ave 3 Lit Courts
Kern 3614 N Humboldt Blvd 1 Daylight Courts
Kosciuszko 712 W Becher Street 5 Lit Courts
LaFollette 9418 W Washington Street
Alternate Directions (construction)
3 Daylight Courts
Lake 3233 E Kenwood Blvd 5 Lit Courts w/backboards
Madison 9800 W Glendale Ave 4 Daylight Courts
McGovern 5400 N 51st Street 1 Daylight Courts
McKinley 1750 N Lincoln Memorial Drive 6 Lit Courts w/backboards
Noyes 8235 W Good Hope Road 3 Lit Courts
Rainbow 700 S 119th Street
Alternate Directions (construction)
3 Daylight Courts
Sheridan 4800 S Lake Drive 2 Lit Courts
Sherman 3001 N 41st Street 4 Lit Courts, 2 Daylight Courts
Wilson Recreation Center 4001 S 20th Street 2 Daylight Courts w/backboards
Zablocki 3717 W Howard Ave 5 Daylight Courts


Many of our tennis courts are available for reservation on a first come first serve basis. Please note, some specified courts might have agreements in place with groups and may not be available during peak season. If you wish to request use of any tennis court for single match or league play, please fill out the application below and submit to the Organized Sports Office, attention Alyssa Krueger (alyssa.krueger@milwaukeecountywi.gov). 

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