Where can I find an exercise station in the parks?


Work out all of your major muscle groups at exercise stations built into the multigym structure:

•    45° back-extension bench
•    Abdominal-crunch/sit-up bench
•    Chin-up bar (with chin assist function)
•    Calf-raise platform
•    Triceps-dip station (with dip-assist function)
•    Elevated push-up platform
•    Cardio thigh-squat station

Your body weight adds resistance to your exercises.

Multi-gym Locations

  1. Cannon Park, 303 N 95 St, east of the wading pool
  2. Doctors Park, 1870 E Fox Lane,
  3. Humboldt Park, 3000 S Howell Ave, between the baseball diamond and the pavilion
  4. Jackson Park, 3500 W Forest Home Ave
  5. Johnsons Park, 1919 W Fond du Lac Ave, off of 19 St & Brown St
  6. King Park, 1531 W Vliet St, southeast of the community center
  7. The Lakefront/McKinley Park, 2300 N Lincoln Memorial Drive, near the Northpoint Snack Bar
  8. Lincoln Park, 1301 W Hampton Ave
  9. McCarty Park, 8214 W Cleveland Ave, southeast of the wading pool
  10. Mitchell Park, 524 S Layton Blvd, northwest of the wading pool
  11. Moody Park, 2201 W Auer Ave. 
  12. Scout Lake Park,5902 W Loomis Rd
  13. South Shore Park, 2900 S Shore Drive, northeast of the tot lot
  14. Washington Park,1859 N 40 St, west of the Senior Center

Exercise Stations
Focus on specific muscle groups!

  • Lake Park, at Lake Drive and Linwood Avenue: sit-up board
  • The Lakefront, between Bradford Beach and North Point: fitness circuit
  • Warnimont Park, across from St. Luke's South Shore: horizontal bars and fitness trail with an elliptical station, upper-body stretch station, balance steps, and plyometric steps

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