Where can I find an archery range?

Keep your eye on the target! Bring your bows and arrows to the archery ranges, where you'll find bales for your targets. Use these practice areas to keep your bow-hunting skills sharp. Use the archery sites for free on a first-come, first-served basis. These are the only locations in the Milwaukee County Parks that allow the use of bows and arrows.

Hours of operation: Archery ranges are open during normal park hours. 6AM-10PM.

Due to the damage caused by the greater force of the bolt on the Park's standard bales, please bring your own bale and use the Parks bale as a secondary backstop.

Park Location Phone Directions
Kinnickinnic River Parkway   S 20th Street & Kinnickinnic River Parkway (414) 643-0120                                                            Google Directions
Kletzsch Park 6560 N Milwaukee River Parkway (414) 461-0839 Google Directions
Root River Parkway (near Whitnall Park) S. 92nd Street, North of Rawson Ave (414) 425-7303 Google Directions
Warnimont Park 5400 S Lake Drive (414) 762-1550 Google Directions

Archery Range Rules

  1. Check the condition of all equipment including bow strings, cables, and arrows
  2. Be aware of possible cross traffic behind bales
  3. Do not shoot when a person in the adjacent lane is pulling out an arrow or in the vicinity or their bale
  4. Do not shoot at longer distances when the person in the adjacent lane is shooting at close range
  5. Use target arrows only (no broadhead or expandable arrows)
  6. When using a crossbow, you must bring your own hay bail
  7. Be extremely careful with mechanical releases
  8. Use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited
  9. Please clean area before leaving 
  10. Children must be supervised at all times

The archery ranges are only to be used for bow and arrows. You may not use air rifles or sling shots per Milwaukee County Ordinance 47.05(1)

NOTE: Hunting on Milwaukee County Parks land is prohibited by Milwaukee County Ordinance 47.05(1)

Non-Milwaukee County Lands That May Be Available for Hunting:
MMSD Greenseams

DNR Hunting Regulations 

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