Where are your softball fields?

Step up to the plate! For practice and picnics, unreserved fields are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis.  All fields are available for reservations  April 1st thru October 31st. To ensure a field is available for your team or picnic guests, call the Organized Sports Office at (414) 257-8030.

All softball diamonds listed below have options of 60' & 65' between bases with permanent pitching distances of 43' & 50' 

*Denotes Lighted Fields           S= Softball Field     * =Lighted Fields     Scrub= Reservable for Practice Only       

Brown Deer S (3) 7835 N Green Bay Rd
Cooper S (2) 8701 W Chambers St
Estabrook (70' Base Anchors) S Capitol Dr- N on Estabrook Pkwy
Froemming (70' Base Anchors) S 8801 S 51st St (Franklin)
Grant S (Scrub) S Lake Dr & Park Ave (S. Milwaukee)
Greene (70' Base Anchors) S (Scrub) S Lipton Ave & E Lunham Ave (St Francis)
Hales Corners (70' Base Anchors) S S 116th St & W Forest Home Ave
Johnsons S N 17th St & W Fond du Lac Ave
Kern (70' Base Anchors) S N Humboldt Ave & E Keefe Ave
KK Sports Center* S* (2) S 20th St & W Oklahoma Ave
Kletzsch S (3), S (Scrub) 6540 N Green Bay Rd
Kops S, S (Scrub) N 86th St & W Concordia Ave
Lafollette (70' Base Anchors) S (2), S (Scrub) 9418 W Washington St
Alternate Directions (construction)
Lake S 3233 E Kenwood Blvd
McCarty (70' Base Anchors) S (3) S 84th St & W Cleveland Ave
McGovern* S* N 51st St & W Silver Spring Dr
Meaux (70' Base Anchors) S N Green Bay Ave & W Villard Ave
Rainbow (70' Base Anchors) S 700 S 119th St
Alternate Directions (construction)
Rose* S* 400 W Chambers St
Sheridan* (70' Base Anchors) S*, S (Scrub) S Lake Dr & E Layton Ave (Cudahy)
West Milwaukee*(70' Base Anchors) S* (2), S (2) S 50th St & W Burnham St
Wilson Rec*(70' Base Anchors) S* (2), S 4001 S 20th St
Wisconsin Ave S (2) N 104th St & W Wisconsin Ave
Zablocki*(70' Base Anchors) S* S 37th St & W Howard Ave

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