What facilities are available to rent in the parks?

Alphabetical Listing of Facilities

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Alcott Community Room
Boerner Botanical Gardens with Zilli Hospitality Group (Zilli Hospitality Group is the exclusive caterer for the Boerner Botanical Gardens Education & Visitor Center ) Please call (262)547-9447 for information.
Boerner Hall
Garden Room
Boerner Botanical Gardens Garden House Exhibit Room - Small, historic park building on the grounds of Boerner Botanical Gardens 
Brown Deer Park Boathouse
Brown Deer Park Golf Clubhouse 
Cannon Park Pavilion
Center Street Park Community Room
Cooper Park Pavilion 
Currie Park Clubhouse
Dineen Park Community Room (Adjacent to the Splash Pad)
Dineen Park Pavilion
The Domes (Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory) Zilli Hospitality Group is the exclusive caterer. Please call (262 )547-9447 for information.
Dretzka Park Chalet
Dretzka Park Clubhouse 
Falk Park Pavilion
Gordon Park Pavilion
Grant Park Clubhouse
Grant Park Lodge (Frederick C. Wulff Lodge)
Greenfield Park Pavilion 
Holler Park Lodge
Humboldt Park Pavilion 
Jackson Park Community Room (Adjacent to the lagoon)
Jacobus Park Pavilion 
Kelly Senior Center Community Room
Kelly Senior Center Main Hall
King Community Center Auditorium
King Community Center Conference Room
King Community Center Fun-A-Rama Room
King Community Center Gymnasium
King Community Center Multi-Fitness Room
King Community Center Multi-purpose Room
Kosciuszko Community Center Conference Room
Kosciuszko Community Center Gymnasium
Kulwicki Park Brooks Pavilion 
LaFollette Park Pavilion
Lincoln Park Blatz Pavilion Lower Level
Lincoln Park Blatz Pavilion Upper Level
McCarty Park Pavilion
McGovern Park Senior Center Main Hall
McKinley Marina Overlook
Milwaukee County Sports Complex Fieldhouse
Milwaukee County Sports Complex Small Meeting Room
Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory (The Domes)
Mitchell Park Pavilion on the Lagoon
Moody Park Pavilion (COA: 449-1757, ext. 3103) 
Pulaski-Cudahy Park Pavilion 
Rose Senior Center Dining Room
Rose Senior Center Main Hall 
Scout Lake Park Pavilion
Sheridan Park Pavilion
Smith Park Pavilion
South Shore Park Pavilion
Sports Complex Fieldhouse
Sports Complex Meeting Room 
Trimborn Farm (Historical Society)
Washington Park Pavilion, rentals through the Urban Ecology Center.  Please call 414-344-5460.
Washington Park Senior Center Dining Room
Washington Park Senior Center Main Hall
Washington Park Senior Center Meeting Room
Wehr Nature Center Gardner Room
Whitnall Park Lodge (Will & Cava Ross Lodge)
Also see Boerner Botanical Gardens and Wehr Nature Center
Wilson Park Pavilion
Wilson Senior Center Lounge Area (Interfaith)
Wilson Senior Center Lower Level (Interfaith)
Wilson Senior Center Main Hall (Interfaith)
Wil-O-Way Grant Special Recreation Center (Office of Persons with Disabilities)
Wil-O-Way Underwood Special Recreation Center (Office of Persons with Disabilities) 
Wulff Lodge in Grant Park (Frederick C. Wulff Lodge)
 Zablocki Park Pavilion

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