What are the dog park / dog exercise area rules?

  • Dog Exercise Area (DEA) Rules:
  1. No more than 3 dogs allowed per owner/guardian, per visit within the DEA.
  2. Owner/guardian must be present within the fenced enclosure of the DEA and is responsible and liable for the behavior of the dog(s) at all times. Milwaukee County is NOT liable for the actions of any dog within or outside the boundaries of the DEA.
  3. Owner/guardian is responsible for cleaning up and properly disposing of dog excrement.
  4. All dogs must display dog license and DEA tag while in the DEA (Wisconsin State Statute 174.07 and Milwaukee County Ordinance 29.01). If you purchase a daily permit, please tear off the receipt and keep it with you.
  5. All dogs MUST BE current with vaccinations. All dogs are required to be current with rabies vaccination in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 174.
  6. Owner/guardian must have in their possession a leash for each dog(s) and remain within view and voice control of their dog(s) at all times. Dog(s) must be on-leash until you enter the double-gated entry and make sure to close all gates behind you.
  7. For the safety of your dog(s) and those of others, CHOKE, PINCH, SPIKE, OR TRAINING TYPES OF COLLARS ARE NOT ALLOWED in the DEA. Remove such collars upon entering the DEA. 
  8. Aggressive dog(s) and/or dog(s) with known aggressive behavior are prohibited from the DEA.
  9. Female dogs in heat are prohibited.
  10. Follow all park rules and regulations governed under Chapter 47 of the Milwaukee County Ordinances.
  11. Violation of the DEA rules and etiquette may result in the cancellation or forfeiture of your permit for any and all dogs under the owner/guardian's care and supervision.


  1. In addition to rabies, we recommend all dogs be current with distemper and parvovirus vaccinations.
  2. We recommend that puppies under six months old NOT use the DEA, as they have not yet received their full inoculations to protect them from distemper and parvovirus, as well as other diseases.
  3. Each dog must be free of communicable illness and parasites (worms, fleas & tics).
  4. If your dog is ill, please return when your Veterinarian says there is no risk to other dogs.
  5. Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and closely supervised.
  6. Please evaluate your own dogs prior to bringing them to the DEA - ensure that they are well socialized so that they can be off-leash in this area.
  7. If your dog digs, please stop them and fill any holes they made.
  8. Dogs are the ONLY animals allowed in the DEA.
  9. DO NOT bring food or glass containers into the DEA.
  10. Please clean up after yourself. Place all of your trash in the appropriate receptacles.

If you violate any of these rules, a police officer, deputy sheriff, or park ranger may give you a citation. Even if he or she did not observe you, the officer may give you a citation based on the report of a person who saw the violation.

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