Are dogs allowed in the Milwaukee County Parks?

Leashed, Well-behaved, socialized dogs are welcome in MOST Milwaukee County Parks . The exception is for areas where "No Dogs Allowed" signs are posted (Service dogs are exempt from this regulation) These areas include:

  • The Wehr Nature Center
  • Beaches – including Bender, Bradford, Grant, McKinley, South Shore, and Tietjen (Doctors) 
  • Picnic Areas
  • Children's Play Areas
  • Athletic Fields
  • The Boerner Botanical Gardens
  • Golf Courses 

The Milwaukee County fine for having your dog in a prohibited area is $200.50.

You must also follow the guidelines below:

Dogs must be on a strong leash

The leash should be no longer than 6 feet and strong enough to restrain your dog. Your dog must be under control at all times. The Milwaukee County fine for not having your dog leashed is $200.50.

Clean up after your dog

When you take your dog to a park or parkway, bring a means for cleaning up after your dog (scooper, bag, etc.). You must pick up your dog's waste immediately, wrap it properly, and dispose of it at your home. The Milwaukee County fine for not cleaning up after your dog is $200.50.


If you violate any of these rules, a police officer, deputy sheriff, or park ranger may give you a citation. Even if he or she did not observe you, the officer may give you a citation based on the report of a person who saw the violation.

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